Multi BOB Ch.Miss Vivian 

of VeGrenan CGN RN

DOB December 4 2008

This little cutie is just the apple of my eye. I fell in love with her the second she came into my life. I have not had a dog pull at my heart strings quite like this little girl does in a very long time. For this reason, I have no doubt she will be a spoiled brat.

Being a red fawn she is quite a little looker. She loves to dress up and play the ham whenever she has a chance.

Vivian plays well with most of the other dogs but likes to give the cats a good chase. Olivia is her best friend and they play for hours together but when she is tired, she is quite the little snuggler.

Miss Vivian has dark eyes, good pigment and clean coloring. She is growing up nicely and I have high hopes for her future. Vivian really gave Olivia  a run for her money in the rings.

 click for pedigree

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